Our Top Sunscreen Picks

In case you haven’t heard, sunscreens are the new beauty essential. Gone are the days of thick sunscreens and white casts - in are today's innovative formulations that will leave your skin soft, supple and glowing like your wearing your favourite moisturiser thanks to invigorating ingredients. Ensure you keep your skin young and protected all year round with our list of trusted sunscreens you need to try!

The Importance of SPF

No matter the time of the year, it’s always important to make a habit of applying sunscreen daily. Yes, even in the winter! Although it may be chilly out, the UV rays are radiating at an all time high, especially in Australia. Not only is sunscreen preventing your chances of developing skin cancer, it’s also effective at reducing pigmentation and preventing wrinkles from sun damage. Always have your sunscreen as a handy essential! If you're a rounded traveller, we can’t stress enough the importance of taking your sunscreen with you, as the strength of the sun differs around the globe. Australian sunscreen is far superior due to the rigorous standards around sunscreen formulations, so jet off with the peace of mind that you're staying protected with the highest grade of Australian sunscreens.

How Does Sunscreen Work

Chemical sunscreen’s work by absorbing UV rays and converting it to heat, while physical sunscreens provide a coating onto the skin that reflects UV rays, stopping it from being absorbed into the skin altogether. The SPF in your sunscreen (sun protection factor) is a measure of UVB radiation and indicates the level of protection that is provided. A spf of 15, for example allows you to stay in the sun 15 times longer without burning than you would without sun protection.

We Are Feel Good Inc Sunscreen

Australian owned and operated, We Are Feel Good Inc. provides board spectrum protection sunscreen for 4 hours! We love the non greasy, lightweight formula, so you don’t need to worry about that pesky, greasy transfer of sunscreen on your swimwear or clothes. What makes this lotion one of our top picks however, is the fact that it’s free from parabens, oxybenzone and octinoxate. 

Discover their Signature Sunscreen or if you love the warm, sweet smell of summer, We Are Feel Good Inc Coconut Lotion will become one of your favs! 

 If you're a sensitive skin girlie, they also has a range of suitable products for you, including their Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion which is dermatologically tested and clinically proven. This 50+ SPF also provides 4 hour sun protection and provides a sheer finish, leaving your skin looking moisturised and glowy. 

Eco Tan Glory Veil

Meet your new holy grail product! From formulation, to scent and ingredients the Glory Veil Sunscreen by Eco Tan is up there in our top picks! Glory Veil, a gorgeous silky sunscreen deeply nourishes the skin with a 50+ SPF protection rating. It’s vegan, suitable for sensitive skin and is pregnancy friendly too! Why we love it: Including all of the above, what we love most is the fact that this is a clean sunscreen that uses rejuvenating, organic ingredients, so you know that you're keeping your skin and health at it’s best. If you hate sunscreens that leave you looking pale and streaky at the beach, then Glory Veil is for you. This formulation effortlessly blends into your skin clear, leaving no residue behind.  

Or if you are looking for a zinc based sunscreen, you’ll love their Natural Rose Hip Sunscreen. This sunscreen, which offers upmost protection through creating a strong physical barrier between the skin and sun - protecting at surface level as well as subsurface layers. 

Cancer Council

Cancer Council is by far one of Australia's most reputable sunscreen brands. If you’re looking for affordable sunscreen for the whole family, Cancer Council will become your go-to! There range of 50+ SPF sunscreens provide broad spectrum protection, keeping the whole family safe from sunburn and sun damage. We love Cancer Council’s Ultra 50+ SPF Sunscreen, suitable for all skin types this sunscreen is fragrance free, 4 hours water resistant and protects against harsh UV and UVB rays. It’s creamy texture is easily absorbed into the skin without feeling greasy.

If you are in search of an everyday sunscreen for your face, don’t look past there 50+ Matte finish Face Day Moisturiser. This is perfect for those with sensitive and oily skin, providing a matte finish. We are big fans of matte finishes for the face! They sit comfortably on the skin without leaving that heavy and sticky feeling behind, and of-course without leaving your face shiny. It’s fast absorbing and blends in clear! No chalky, white cast over here!

Wherever you are and whatever time of the year it’s always important to have a trusty sunscreen on hand! Ensure that you apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping outside and always remember to reapply after swimming or drying!