Swimwear for Different Water Activities

Planning a summer filled with thrilling water activities but not sure what swimwear is best? When gearing up for water activities selecting the best swim apparel is essential to ensure comfort, safety and protection. With an array of swimwear options it can be hard to know which is best for your next water activity, so we've taken out all the hard work with our guide on the best swimwear styles.

What To Wear Water Skiing

Are you a lover of thrilling aquatic sports? Gear yourself up for the best Water Skiing experience with these swimwear styles! When Water Skiing it is essential to wear clothing that provides both comfort and safety. Opt for snug-fitting swimsuits that provide good coverage, reduce drag and ensure stays put! One piece swimsuits, boardshorts and two pieces are all suitable styles for Water Skiing during the warmer months.

And of course, how could we forget the trusted wetsuit, perfect for full body protection and cooler conditions! If your ditching the wetsuit, make sure to pair your boardshorts or two piece bikinis with a rash top to protect your skin from the sun and any abrasions that could be caused during skiing.

What To Wear Surfing

Surfing demands swimwear that combines flexibility and durability. Like many other watersports, surf apparel is dependent on the weather, wetsuits are essential for surfing in cooler conditions. Allowing you to feel comfortable in the cold, whilst providing ease of movement and protection. When it comes to fit, your wetsuit should feel like a second skin - snug enough to provide maximum comfort without being restrictive.

And in the summer, bring out the rashguards, boardshorts and bikinis! For the long surf sessions in the summer time pair a rash top with boardshorts or bikini bottoms to protect against sun exposure and irritants.

Boardshorts are typically crafted with a loose fit that ensures comfort and security without being restrictive. Choose your regular clothing size and waist measurement and explore swimwear for the surf with Roxy, Ripcurl, O'Neil, Quiksilver and Billabong

What To Wear Lap Swimming

For a comfortable and successful aquatic workout in the pool you'll need quality, performance based, chlorine resistant swimwear. We have a range of training swimwear available from top brands such as SpeedoFunkitaFunky Trunks and Zoggs which all offer a selection of chlorine resistant styles.

For women, reach for two piece sets and one pieces offering good coverage and support. And for the men, go for swim jammerstrunks or briefs to allow for freedom of movement as you glide through the water. The streamlined design of these swimwear styles reduces drag in the water making them perfect for optimising performance and assisting you in getting closer to your fitness goals.

Keep your hair in check, reduce drag and enhance your hydrodynamics with a snug-fitting swim cap and improve visbility with a reliable pair of swim goggles

What To Wear Open Water Swimming

A wetsuit will be your ultimate companion for open water swimming. Wetsuits provide insulation, helping you keep warm in colder waters, whilst also providing buoyancy, aiding swimming efficiency. They are also designed with thicker areas of material which act to elevate and conserve energy and thinner areas around the shoulders and arms to facilitate a complete range of motion. If you're new to open water swimming opt for long sleeve suits for added buoyancy.

For the warmer months and more experienced swimmers look for one piece swimsuits with ample coverage and support. Zoggs thermal swimwear range is perfect for open water swimmers. Their new silver lining thermal technology has been designed with performance in mind, developed to enhance your outdoor swimming experience. You can learn more about the range here.

Complete your swim attire with some goggles and swim cap. Ensure you select goggles with UV-tinted lenses to protect your eyes and aid in sight while swimming in the open.

From surfboard to ski, the pool to open water, there's swimwear designed to enhance every experience. Dive into a world of stylish possibilities, and make a splash in swimwear that calls for your next aquatic adventure. Happy swimming!