The Best Kids Swimwear Brands For Every Occasion

Are you in search of the perfect swimwear for your little one? It's crucial to select the right swimwear that suits your child's needs, whether they're aspiring surfers, dedicated swimmers, water park enthusiasts, or simply enjoying a day by the pool. We've got you covered with a selection of brands to meet all your child's aquatic adventures. 

Sustainable Kids Swimwear 

If supporting sustainable practices and brands is as important to you as it is to us, check out our range of sustainable kids swimwear brands that will have your little one covered across all swim activities. There are many swimwear brands that have risen to the occasion, offering eco-friendly options that not only protect our planet but also ensure our little ones are kept safe, stylish and ready for their latest swim adventures. We stock a range of sustainable swim pieces made from eco-friendly materials from BillabongSpeedoSkwoshRoxy and Bebe just to name a few. Check out sustainable swim for girls and boys

Sun Safe Kids Swimwear 

We know how important it is to stay sun smart no matter the swim occasion. Sun safe swimwear is designed to shield your child from the sun's harmful rays with the most effective styles including rash vests, sunsuits and sunhats. We offer a broad selection of sun-safe swimwear with UV protection ratings from toddler to teen from top brands Salty InkRoxyBabes In The ShadeSpeedoMilkySeafolly and Rip Curl. And for fun, sun safe accessories we are loving the brand Frankie Ray

Thermal Kids Swimwear 

Thermal swimwear is specially designed to keep your child warm in cold water conditions, by providing an extra layer of insulation that helps retain body heat.

Thermal swimwear provides comfort and protection for your little one, with many thermal swimwear options offering the benefits of UV protection whilst providing your kids with the joy of staying in the water for longer periods of time without feeling uncomfortable or risking their health.

If thermal sunsuits and rash tops sound like the swim piece that your child is missing, surf brands O'Neill , Rip Curl and Roxy are your go to. 

Kids Swimwear for the Beach 

A day at the beach is a cherished memory for any child! If you're looking for adorable kids swimwear for your childs next sandy adventure explore our selection featuring MinihahaBebe, Huxbaby for a range of fun and cute styles that your beach lover will adore. And don't forget to shield them from the sun with Toshi and Acron's adorable beach hats! If you have a surf lover on your hands, look no further than RoxyO'NeillQuicksilver and Ripcurl who offer a wide range of surf specific options for the younger surfer wanting to ride the waves in comfort and style! Don't forget protective footwear available for both girl and boy, such as aqua shoes, thongs and slides. These essential additions provide an extra layer of defense against sharp seashells, hot sand, and other other hazards. To add extra beachside enjoyment, check out our assortment of games and beach accessories from Sunny Life that your child will love. 

Kids Swimwear for the Pool 

Are you looking to get your child into swimming or are in need of swimwear for your next family vacation? No matter the occasion, when it comes to selecting swimwear for the pool it's crucial to shop from pool friendly brands with chlorine resistant styles to ensure longevity of your childs swimwear. When it comes to swimwear for training it's important to select quality swimwear that provides comfort, durability and performance, that fits well and won't hinder movement. If this kind of swimwear is what your child requires, we suggest considering renowned brands like SpeedoZoggsFunkita and Funky Trunks all of which excel in designing performance-oriented swimwear for the pool. If your child is a professional swimmer and is in need of a swimsuit for optimal performance, check out our Speedo Fastskin range. And if your little one is in need of float aids either for swim practice or just some poolside fun, Zoggs and Sunny Life are the brands you'll need. 

Navigating the world of children's swimwear can be a daunting task, especially when you're unsure of what exactly your child needs. That's where we come in! At Swimwear Galore we offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop solution. We've carefully curated a range of kids swimwear, ensuring that your little one is well-prepared for any aquatic adventure.