A Comprehensive Guide For Bikini Bottoms

Bottoms up! Bikini bottoms are a definite must-have when it comes to your swimwear wardrobe. But with so many different styles to mix and match with your tops, how could you possibly decide?

Well, we’ve decided to make the choice that little bit easier for you, by going into detail about just some of our favourite bikini bottom styles...

Classic Bikini Bottom

The classic bikini bottom is a usual favourite, and most of us can say that we’ve owned one of these bad boys at one stage in time. They’re perfectly proportional and offer good bum coverage. Typically similar to your underwear briefs, we recommend the classic style to anyone wanting something simple, comfortable and easy to wear!

Hipster Bikini Bottom

Offering the same coverage as the classic bikini bottom, the hipster differs slightly when it comes to the hips (hence the name!) Hugging your hips, the hipster is great for women with a narrow waist or smaller hips, as it adds definition.

High Waist Bikini Bottom

One of our most popular designs is the high waist option! This style sits on the natural waistline, over the hips. We love high waisted bottoms when wanting to define curves, as it helps to accentuate your shape. 

Paired with powermesh to flatter the tummy in some options (see here), you can opt for higher leg coverage or lower, depending on your comfort.

Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Because we love a little cheeky moment… With good coverage at the front, the behind is a little bit more playful. A high legline helps to elongate the leg and really makes that booty pop. 

Want to showcase your glutes? This is your guy.

High Cut Bikini Bottom

Our high cut bikini bottoms come in a range of different styles; high waist, tie side, mid rise, etc. But they all have one very important thing in common! They’re high cut; which means that they typically sit above your hips, offering that higher legline to show off those legs.

Tie Side Bikini Bottom

A playful, versatile option is a tie side bikini bottom - perfect for anybody wanting something a little different that they can cater to their body.

The tie side design means that you can alter the sides of your bikini bottoms by redoing the knots and getting creative with it! We love a tie side moment for anyone wanting to draw more attention to the lower body instead of their top.

Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

Wanting to remain comfortable and secure in the water? We totally understand! Which is why we have such a large array of full coverage bikini bottoms for you to choose from. 

If you’re looking for something to shape and define your curves, we recommend looking at our powermesh full coverage pieces, as they help with tummy control and accentuating your wonderful figure!

Boyleg Bikini Bottom

Short shorts for the win! A comfortable, practicable option for anybody wanting maximum coverage, our boyleg bikini bottoms have a low cut leg and wide, stretchy waistband. Perfect for our athletes, these bikini bottoms promise to keep you covered and protected in the water!

Skirted Bikini Bottom

Want to take your bikini bottom to the next level? Why not try our skirted bikini bottom? These stunning designs feature an in-built short paired with a flowy skirt (think skort) so that you can have that extra feminine touch without compromising on practicality!