Sustainable Swimwear

Our Journey & Mission Towards a Sustainable Future

Sustainable Swimwear

Our Journey & Mission

At Swimwear Galore, we strive to make a difference when it comes to sustainable swimwear and running our small Aussie owned business. Committed to our community and our planet, we recognise the responsibility and impact we have on earth, and act to ensure that we are consistently working to provide the most sustainable and ethical options to our customers.

The Fabrics We Use

As more and more brands start to utilise eco-friendly fabric alternatives, we’re able to provide you with a growing amount of products that don’t impact our environment. At Swimwear Galore we are now proud to have over 1000+ styles (and counting!) that are eco-friendly.

Our Sustainable Steps for Online Orders

In an effort to eliminate single-use plastic, we reuse and recycle the hangers, boxes, etc. that your swimwear arrives in. Once you place an order on our online store, your items are safely packed into our eco-friendly zip lock bags that are 100% compostable and reusable (great to use after a beach trip if you need a safe spot for your wet swimmers). This is then placed in our infamous blue packaging bags, which are also 100% compostable. If you love your swimwear - great! You can simply add your bags to your general compost and let them decompose safely. Need to return an item? Simply reuse that same blue bag and let us handle the rest!

Sustainability in our Stores

Shopping in store with us? No worries - we'll pack your swimwear in a reusable Swimwear Galore bag that can double as a beach bag or even a grocery bag. Otherwise, we have designed our latest paper bags to be easily recycled (just remove the straps).

Our Future

Always striving to improve and learn, we believe that these small initiatives lead to big change. By continuing this impact, into our future, we aim to be a leader in sustainability, encouraging other businesses to also recognise and act on their own eco-friendly practices. We deeply understand that we still have a lot more work to do, but we’re excited by our progress and our plans to continuously strive to do better, in order to create positive change and give back to our planet for many years to come.