Rock Your Shape

Rock Your Shape

At Swimwear Galore we believe that everyone can and should look and feel amazing when they are in swimwear! Below is our tips and tricks on finding the perfect style for you. Go on… take the plunge and rock what you’ve got!

Curvy Queen

If you’ve got the curves, lets embrace and show them off! Check out our tips below and you will be rocking your swimsuit like never before!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Cross over styles both accentuate the waistline and flatter the bust
  • Feel more secure and comfortable with swimwear using powermesh for extra hold to create a smooth shape and disguise any unwanted bumps
  • Panelling is a great option for emphasising curves. Side panelling in darker shades can minimise the waist further while princess style design lines help contour curves and directs the eye smoothly
  • Diagonal design lines and features that lead toward the waist help give an hourglass illusionHigh waist options can help define curves

Big Bust

Sometimes it’s hard to see through the tiny triangles that wouldn’t even cover one boob let alone support both the girls! But never fear… there are plenty of options, you just need to know what to look out for.

Tummy Control

We are all about confidence and feeling comfortable in swimwear, so if for you that’s finding a way to help flatter and disguise any tummy troubles, we are here!

Small Bust

If your melons are more like strawberries do not fear! We have a huge range of swimwear whether you want to enhance or embrace what you’ve got here is some tips to keep in mind when browsing.


Whether you want to embrace your booty or distract the eye and focus on your other assets, take a look below and follow the path right for you!