How To Stay Warm In Cold Water

Brrr, winter is here and the water is a little icy. Whether you’re swimming in the pool or tackling some waves at the beach, we get the hesitation of cold water swimming.

 But although swimming in cold water seems like the worst idea, it actually has some amazing benefits for your health. This includes boosting your immune system, improving your circulation, reducing stress and more. 

So how do we keep warm in the water when swimming? We’ll give you some of our best tips and tricks.

Ensure a decent warm up BEFORE entering the pool

Before you even dunk your toes into the cold water, try to do a 10 to 15 minute warm up to prepare your body. This could be a simple 10 minute jog or some squats, lunges and general stretches. 

This will help to raise your body temperature so that you don’t get any nasty cold-water shocks when finally taking the plunge!

Wear two caps instead of one

Did you know that approximately 40% of body heat is lost through the head and neck alone due to increased blood flow? That’s why beanies are so popular in winter! So a great way to combat the cold water when swimming is by wearing two swim caps. These can be your classic silicone caps or polyester ones too. Either way they’ll work to keep those ears and heads nice and warm.

If you’re swimming at the beach, grab a wetsuit

Now if you’re hitting the beach this winter, we totally recommend packing a wetsuit! They provide great insulation by trapping in the heat whilst you surf some waves. The long sleeved designs are also a great asset to ensure warmth and sun protection too (even in winter we need to watch out for those rays!)

 Note: these styles below are not chlorine resistant, so we do not recommend wearing them in a chlorinated pool.

If you’re swimming at the pool, grab a sunsuit

If you’re looking to rug up a little more in the pool, we recommend opting for a chlorine resistant sunsuit or rash top to keep those arms covered. These styles still offer great movement of the arms to ensure you can swim safely, whilst offering that extra layer to keep you cosy. Just make sure you’re choosing a chlorine resistant style if you plan to swim in a chlorinated pool!

Towelling robes on hand for exiting the pool

After you’ve finished your swimming, the hardest part becomes getting back out of the cold water into that fresh, icy air. 

So make it a little easier for yourself and have a towelling robe on hand to ensure you stay warm at all times. Our favourite is the Speedo Unisex Logo Deck Coat, as its long sleeves, hood and zipper access make getting cozy quick and easy!

So there you have it: everything you need to tackle the cold water this winter! So dive in and embrace the cold with these helpful tips and tricks.