Men's Boardshorts Style Guide

BOARDIES! The must-have swim essential every male needs in their life! Ideal for bombing into the pool, surfing down at the beach, or a general summer day out in the sunshine; men’s boardshorts are practical, comfortable, and oh so stylish.

How to Wear and Style Boardshorts

From classic brands such as Rip Curl and Quiksilver, there’s a range of different boardshort options and styles for all men. But which exact style, which short length, which pattern is right for you?

1. Boardshort Length Guide

As you can see above, boardshorts can vary in length. So it's important to read our descriptions to know just how long a certain style is. If you're a surfer, length is very important, as it protects your thighs when you transition from sitting on your board to paddling position. We usually recommend 18" and 20"  boardshorts for our surfers for this reason, where as 15" are great options for swimmers or just general pool lovers!

2. Patterns or Plains

If you’re just looking for a new pair of boardshorts you can pair with any piece of clothing or swimwear in your wardrobe, we suggest going with a very subtle print or plain colour. Think black, navy, or grey options. In opposition, if you’re wanting to make a statement, why not go with a bold print or design? Bright reds, greens, yellows, and blues are bound to make an impact. And with some bold and funky designs, why not make your boardies more fun?

3. Pool or Beach

If these boardshorts are more needed for the pool, it might be good to look at some chlorine-resistant fabrications. You’ll also want to make sure that your boardies have a tie up closure or elastic waistband to ensure they stay on comfortably.

For our beach boys, once again, we’re all for the bright colours and prints! All of our men's boardshorts also feature quick-drying fabrication technology, so that you can enjoy your day without worrying about your wet car seats on the drive home!

How to Wear and Style Boardshorts

So shall we move on to some of our favourite brands, so that you can take this newfound knowledge and find your perfect men's boardshorts today? Hell yes!

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