Men's Swimwear: What should you choose?

Boardshorts, trunks, briefs and jammers; there are so many options when it comes to men's swimwear. Although, it can be difficult to know which one to choose.... Read on to find out some of the key features you should know when deciding which is right for you!

Men's Boardshorts

Designed for the Aussie surfer lifestyle, men's boardshorts are your go-to for performance type activities and swimming, such as catching some waves at the beach, sailing, diving, wakeboarding, paddling and more! A key feature of this type of men's swimwear is the fixed waistband and drawcord, allowing for a secure fit during intense activity…no flashing here! 

Men's boardshorts are typically designed with a long, lose fit that ensures comfort whilst being secure and non-restrictive! To ensure the right fit, select your usual clothing and waist size. With a large array of styles and lengths, men's boardshorts can even be doubled up as streetwear when dry. Swim apparel that does both, a big yes from us. Shop these styles from our favorite brands such as CoastQuiksilverRip CurlBillabong & more!   

Men's Swim Shorts 

Swim shorts are another staple men's swimwear piece. They are designed to sit at or slightly above mid thigh and are characterized by there comfortable relaxed fit. This type of swimwear is perfect for the relaxed man. Not ideal for strenuous activity, these leisure based shorts are perfect for chilling by the pool or even partying on a yacht! However it’s important to ensure chlorine resistant styles are chosen for pool days. We are loving Skowsh for their sustainable styles and cute designs for Dad to match with his little man.

The key difference between men's boardshorts and swim shorts are the length, with boardshorts being longer, with a baggier fit. Wondering what to wear underneath boardshorts? Well, there are no rules on what should be worn under your boardshorts or swim trunks. Most men's boardshorts are designed to be worn without underwear. They often have a built in mesh / brief type lining that provides support and prevents transparency. The decision is ultimately yours! If you are wanting extra support and comfort then underwear or swim briefs under your boardshorts may be best for you! 

Men's Briefs 

 Also known as budgie smugglers (another true Australian Icon) men's briefs are another much loved style. We love their versatility - originally designed for professional swimmers, men's briefs have grown in popularity, taking over beach wear and casual pool attire for the everyday man. Learn all about the budgie trend here. Men's swim briefs provide a smaller amount of coverage, but provide superior support.

Men's briefs are popularly worn in the pool for racing and performance, there minimal design allows for optimal performance in the water, causing no drag. They are the perfect option for everyone, anywhere.

With plenty of chlorine resistant options men's briefs are the perfect choice for athletes, offering comfort, security and ease of movement, everything you could ever ask for to beat record time! 

And, whilst some men may not feel comfortable in briefs and trunks of this size, jammers are another great option that offers that bit more coverage.

Men's Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are another tight fitting, short swimwear style featuring a square cut design. Almost identical to men's swim briefs, trunks offer that little bit extra coverage, sitting at the top of the thigh. They are a great option for the man looking for swimwear in between a brief and jammer - think tiny shorts!

Both swim trunks and briefs are designed with a supportive, internal lining offering comfort and coverage so no need to wear anything underneath! Rock these at your next pool party or swim some laps in a sleek pair of swim trunks from brands like Funky Trunks and Speedo.

Men's Jammers 

Jammers are another fan favorite, perfect for the athletic swimmer who is after a little more coverage in the pool. Their design can be compared to that of lycra bike shorts, offering exceptional ease of movement in the pool thanks to their stretchy fabrication. Many Olympic swimmers prefer jammers on competition day due to the benefits of body compression. This compression can improve performance in the pool, as it creates an optimal, streamlined shape perfect for gliding through the water at optimal speed. Along with this, compression can also assist in recovery. So how tight should jammers be?

Jammers are designed to be snug, not tight or uncomfortable. If it's difficult to to get 2 fingers under the jammer when worn it's a good fit! There is also no need to wear underwear with this type of swimwear either! Jammers have been designed with a built in lining with brief - like support. So, if you're a serious swimmer, we recommend checking out our range of jammers from Speedo and Zoggs.

If swimming is apart of your fitness routine or if you're just a guy who loves summer we have the gear you need! Still need a hand deciding? Visit us in store or head online to our live chat for personalized support!