Our Guide to Cleaning & Caring for your Swimwear

Going on holiday and want to ensure you're looking after your swimwear right? Natural elements like the sun, salt, sand and chemicals in our pools can cause some serious damage if care is not taken. Thus, keeping your swimwear clean is essential to prevent fading, stretching and to increase the overall longevity of your most loved pieces. These simple steps will ensure you get the most out of your swimwear.  

General Care

Be mindful of the surfaces that your swimsuit comes into contact with. Abrasive surfaces, such as rough pool decks, can snag the delicate material and cause pilling. Make sure to always have a towel on hand, so that you can sit comfortably anywhere. 

Get into the habit of rinsing out your swimsuit after every use and do so as soon as possible. This will prevent nasty odors from developing and will assist in preserving the quality of the swimsuit by removing chlorine and salt water. This two second job will make a world of a difference in maintaining quality in the long run. 


Swimsuits are prone to staining and they can be difficult to prevent. Oily tanning lotions, body mists and sunscreen can leave some nasty stains behind. Visit our blog here to learn about the most effective stain removal methods.


For frequent pool use and occasional visits to hot tubs opt for swimwear that is chlorine resistant and made from 100% Polyester. Other fabrications such as nylon/elastane cannot withstand harsh chemicals, and will potentially damage the overall quality of the swimsuit. 

How to Wash Swimwear Correctly


After each use, get into the habit of rinsing off your swimwear in cool water before going home to give them a proper wash. This two second job will make the world of difference in preserving your swimsuit. 


Hand Wash & Airdry 

After a long day at the beach, the last thing you want to do is wash...but skipping this part might have you regretting it later! Gently hand wash with a mild detergent. We recommend Aqua Tog Wash to help increase the lifetime of your swimwear.

The tumbling and roughness of the washing machine can cause snags and tears in your delicate swimwear, while also effecting colour, elasticity and shape. Avoid drying your bathers in the dryer and instead allow to dry on a flat surface in the shade. Ensure the swimsuit is completely dry before storing away, as excess moisture can age fabrics and cause odors to develop. 


Bleach & Detergents

Avoid washing your swimsuit in bleach and harsh detergents. These chemicals can cause your swimsuit to deteriorate, as they break down the tight material, causing a loss of elasticity and colour.

Hand Washing

Washing your swimsuit by hand is recommended as it's gentle and guaranteed to keep your swimsuit looking brand new. 

Step 1: Begin by rinsing out the garment in cold water.

Step 2: Once rinsed off, fill the sink with cold - room temperature water.

Step 3: Add a teaspoon of a mild washing detergent. 

Step 4: Turn the swimsuit inside-out and submerge the garment into the solution.

Step 5: Move the garment around for a couple of minutes and rinse off.

Step 6: Gently squeeze the water from the bathing suit without wringing it out - this can cause damage to the fibers. 

Step 7: Place your bathing suit on a smooth, flat surface and leave to dry.

Storing your Swimsuit

Storage plays another key role in the proper care of your swimwear. Keep your bathers stored flat in a drawer or shelf and try not to hang them up as this will stretch out the fibers. Swimsuits can also be stored in garment bags and reusable pouches. A tick from us for sustainable storage practices!

When storing your garments this way however, ensure that your swimwear is completely dry as excess moisture can result in mildew growth. 

We know how much your favorite swimsuit means to you, and so doing your part in following these steps will ensure that these pieces can be worn time and again.