Swim Nappies Everything You Need To Know

Swim nappies. A simple yet effective tool for any child who isn’t potty trained but still wants to splash and play in the water. In this post, we’ll go into detail on everything you need to know about swim nappies to ensure all swim classes, play dates, etc. go accident free!


Find yourself always purchasing disposable swim nappies for swim classes and beach adventures? Save yourself some money and help out the environment by investing in some reusable swim nappies instead.

We offer a range of reusable swim nappies with prices ranging from $20-40 (often around the same price as a pack of two disposables). The fabrication of these nappies allow for a full day of adventure before a simple wash that night, ready to go again as soon as they’re clean and dry! We all know that travelling with a baby or toddler is already hard enough – so instead of packing 50 disposables next holiday, just chuck in a few reusables…


Better yet, we also offer a range of adjustable swim nappies too. With the use of snap fastenings, these nappies will allow room for your little one to grow without the nappy being uncomfortable or restrictive.

Plus, they’re super easy to get on and off – ensuring no leakage or mess (a massive bonus, trust us!)

Chlorine Resistant

Another component to consider is chlorine resistant swim nappies. These bad boys are perfect for swimming lessons or any pool activities – as the fabrication is made to last in chlorinated situations.

These nappies are 100% chlorine resistant and quick-drying too, perfect for the on-the-go adventures.

Prints & Colours

If you ever struggle to convince your young toddlers to keep their swim nappy on, our range of stunning colours and prints are right up your alley! Rainbows, florals, ICE-CREAMS – yep, they’re all that cute.

For the princesses out there too there are also a range of gorgeous frill options they can dance and play in happily.

Top Tips

  • Avoid ever using regular nappies in water (even if it’s underneath a swim diaper), as they absorb way too much water. This makes them super heavy and very dangerous for little one’s swimming.
  • Remember to check your baby’s swim nappy regularly and change immediately if soiled.
  • Ensure that your toddlers have a potty break every 30 - 60 minutes (even if they’re fully toilet trained). Most leaks into pools come from toddlers who can’t hold it or are so excited they forget to hold it.